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Tutorial project by Coding in Flow

This is a full-stack blogging website built with NextJS, ExpressJS, and TypeScript 💚

🌟 Get my NextJS course to learn how to build this!

👀 Features:

  • User accounts & profiles. Sign up either via email & password or social providers (Google/GitHub)
  • Users can create and update blog posts via a markdown editor
  • Upload images & resize them on our own backend server
  • A fully-fledged comment system with sub-comments and edit/delete functionality
  • Pagination with both page numbers and infinite loading
  • A fully mobile-responsive layout & custom theme based on Bootstrap
  • A complete backend server built with ExpressJS and MongoDB

💡 Concepts covered:

  • Advanced NextJS server-side rendering strategies like on-demand revalidation
  • Client-side request caching & revalidation using SWR (NextJS' React-Query alternative)
  • Advanced React concepts like context providers, custom hooks, and effect cleanup
  • Form handling with React-Hook-Form and Yup
  • Security best practices like validation of user input & file uploads, and rate-limiting
  • User email verification and password reset without expensive backend services like Firebase
  • Redis as a local session storage for super fast access
  • Deploy everything to a real web hosting and learn how to protect your server from hackers
  • and much more...

💻 This course goes beyond normal YouTube tutorials and teaches you how to build real production websites.